Marketing model of door and window hardware accessories

Date: 2018-10-26
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In recent years, the competition in the hardware market has become increasingly fierce, and various drawbacks of traditional sales channels have gradually become exposed. In order to gain a dominant position in the competition, hardware companies actively explore new marketing models, coupled with the promotion of the Internet, the hardware industry's sales channels are increasingly diversified, which is a good thing, hardware companies can effectively integrate the advantages of each channel, and then borrow Its power effectively avoids all kinds of risks.


First, the store operation: high cost and strong dependence

In recent years, hardware sales channels have been concentrated in stores, and hardware companies with certain strength and reputation have accelerated the pace of entering large stores. Some insiders believe that: brand hardware chooses to open stores in brand stores, on the one hand, it wants to use the strong appeal of the store to build its own brand influence; on the other hand, it also considers the environment, marketing and service system of the store. Operating.

However, as the rents of the stores are getting higher and higher, the stores are not disconnected, and the cost of raw materials and logistics is also growing. The rising waters bring high costs to the hardware industry. In the relationship between hardware and stores, companies can not help but have a few dependencies.

Second, self-operated stores: increased economic and labor costs

In recent years, more and more hardware companies have focused their development on the operation and management of independent stores. The chairman of a hardware brand said: The standard store is the platform to improve the service, and the second is to restrict the bad behavior of each store through the unified price system.

Through the quality assurance of the unified system, the unified standards of after-sales service, and the public's common concern and supervision, this is the store model we want to build.

In fact, the opportunities and adjustments of the self-operated store model coexist. The development of self-operated stores is like a double-edged sword. The economic and labor costs of self-operated store channels will also become an important factor in testing the development of enterprises.

In today's society, the labor cost of a store is also increasing! Similarly, the support and training of each store is also an important input of cost. The cost per unit of quantity has become higher, and the cost of unit sales has become higher, which seems to be a vicious circle of channels.

Third, tooling channels: need to be cautious when you have money

Commercial housing in many cities has gradually changed from rough houses to finely decorated houses.

The proportion of hardware products used in fine decoration projects is increasing, and construction projects have become an important channel for promoting hardware products.

Fourth, e-commerce channels: mixed advantages and disadvantages and breakthroughs

On the issue of dealing with emerging e-commerce channels, some hardware companies believe that the performance of e-commerce is relatively poor, and materials, details, installation effects, etc. cannot be displayed. The e-commerce of the entire hardware industry has this limitation.

Others believe that e-commerce must be a new business model in the future.

The channel chain, like water flow, flows from the dealer to the terminal and eventually flows to the consumer. Grasping the current consumer e-commerce consumption habits will always be in line with the future development direction.

Many hardware companies have begun to test the channels of water and electricity, but no one has yet explored a method and model suitable for development.

In the future, hardware companies will have to explore more models, including expressions. Efforts to break through the limitations of the show, so that the expression of the e-commerce system to achieve a certain breakthrough.

The diversification of the marketing model further promotes the benign development of competition. The increasing channel cost and homogenized products weaken the competitiveness of hardware enterprises in the terminal market. Therefore, the importance of channel construction is also emerging, building a strong Flattening channels, providing multiple types of channel experiences or becoming a new direction for upgrading and transforming hardware companies.

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