Kabe new retail channel transformation and Hunan Province linkage start conference was a complete su

Date: 2018-10-26
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On June 12th, the new retail channel transformation and the launching ceremony of Hunan Province was successfully concluded. The content of the meeting focused on the transformation of new retail channels, new product launches, and the province's linkage, aiming to implement the omni-channel model trial operation in Hunan Province. Comprehensively enhance the market competitiveness of Kabe in Hunan Province.

New retail channel transformation, omnichannel mode trial operation

At the meeting, Mr. Li gave a detailed explanation of the omnichannel model. Since the development of e-commerce, traditional marketing has been affected to some extent. In order to comprehensively increase market share, Kabe has made adjustments based on the commercial pain points of the new retail model, implementing an all-channel model combining online and offline, and sharing the same price, sharing benefits, and balanced distribution. Everyone works together to do one thing, that is, to do a good job of the product and to sell the product well.

Every company has its own strengths in hardware production, but there are very few companies that really make bathroom hardware into a system. Based on the needs of users, Kabe designs and produces sets of bathroom hardware such as showers, faucets, bathroom hardware accessories, etc., to solve the pain points that users will not pick and have no time to pick.

In order to enhance the brand's popularity, promotion and promotion are a must for every brand. Now that the Internet community is getting bigger and bigger, the public is paying more and more attention to the Internet, so most of the publicity will be on the line. Kabe will promote through Baidu promotion, Weibo, WeChat and other means. The offline is mainly promoted through the building materials market and newly opened properties. Entering the building materials market will allow the public to understand Kabe's products more intuitively. Newly opened, many owners are looking for home improvement building materials, which is a very good opportunity for offline promotion.


New product release and joint operation of Hunan province

The conference also brought a lot of new products. The new products are fresh blood for a company. The continuous research and development of new products is to bring new stimulation to the market, so that consumers can continue to pay attention and improve the transformation of interests. Kabe has been doing sanitary ware and building materials for nearly ten years. Over the past decade, the products have been constantly changing and the market is constantly changing. These changes are all driven by the escalation of consumption. The consumption upgrade is reflected in the product is high quality, high value, and more efficient in terms of service. Around these reflections, the trend of the integrated industry, and the needs of users, can develop new products that are more recognized by the public. The focus of this exhibition is Kabe's patented new intelligent washing machine, smart towel rack, and overall bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories.

The focus of the meeting was also on the linkage of Hunan Province and organizing a large-scale event. Although 618 is an online event, it does not affect the offline promotion. Kabe promotes consumer participation and facilitates signing through welfare activities such as spikes, sweepstakes, discounts, and gifts.

In the face of the ever-changing market, Kabe is ready to lead the development of the whole home improvement hardware industry with a focused attitude and professional technology. In the future, Kabe will share the same status with the entrepreneurial partners as the driver, and jointly develop and share the results.

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